Why the Collaboration

60MKC key facts

Kids swimming.
  • We're FREE
  • Light/no extra work for teachers
  • Accessible to every level of skill
  • Aligned with evidence based projects
  • Completely open to collaboration
  • A registered Canadian charity
  • Scalable and sustainable
  • Flexible province by province
  • And we're FUN
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What experts are saying about 60mkc

“ Unlike many programs, the 60 Minute Kids’ Club program takes us beyond awareness and education to actual behaviour change by actively addressing the challenging issues of childhood obesity and inactivity.”

Christine Hampson, Ph.D.
President & CEO,
The Sandbox Project

“ Research I have conducted has shown children continue to face a number of challenges to being physically active. The (60 Minute) Kids’ Club is an excellent example of a program that directly targets these challenges and provides online support and motivation for students.”

Laurene Rehman, Ph.D.
Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, Dalhousie University

“ With the inactivity crisis that is pervasive with Canadian children and youth, the 60 Minute Kids’ Club provides a unique way to motivate children to be active and make healthy choices.”

Scott Ackles,
ViaSport British Columbia