Frequently asked questions

Can I register even if my school has not?

The 60MKC challenge is designed to be a school challenge. We recommend if you want to participate, or want your child to participate speak to your principal and have them contact us at

What are the Assemblies for?

The 60MKC kick-off assemblies provide healthy living information & education to kids & teachers and provide an overview of how the 60MKC Healthy Habit Challenge activation program works. The 60MKC wrap-up assembly is an opportunity to let kids know how they did in their school, region, province & country. Each school's top 10 most active can be recognized in front of their peers if permitted by the school.

What is the Assembly format?

Launch assemblies include a short video and program description in a fun interactive format. The wrap-up assemblies follow a similar format with an overview of what was learned with the celebration on how the school did in the challenge. The top 10 students will receive their prize and be acknowledged.

My school only has X% signed up. Do I need to have an assembly?

We encourage all schools to have launch & wrap-up assemblies with as many kids as possible. The objective is to encourage as many students & teachers to get involved as possible, and success begets success. When students see this they learn about the program!
We have minimized the amount of work required by providing scripts, videos, how-to information and support where needed.

How do schools get 100% signed up?

  1. Make it a goal and part of the students' communications folders/planners. Reinforcing time management skills.
  2. Schedule conversations every day or at least every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Provide daily messages to students, such as: "These are the days you track" or "Track every day" or "We are part of this challenge as a team"
  3. Every school has access to the 90 second videos to show their classes each week. We recommend schools utilize this opportunity every Mon, Wed & Fri. This is for all teachers to show in their own classes as the 60MKC engagement tool.
  4. Support the 60MKC in computer labs/classes. This reinforces technology skills by providing access to computers to track.
  5. Create a 60MKC buddy system: Older Students practice their leadership skills through peer led practice, such as PA announcements.
  6. Older students read out one FIt Tip per day. This list is provided to use.
  7. Messages to parents and caregivers: "We are all part of this challenge."
  8. Similar to reading, writing and arithmetic, do not let physical literacy be optional.

How do I register my school?

Click on Sign Up Your School for the next challenge.

What if my school is not on the list?


What if I have forgotten my password?

To reset your password click the Forgot your password? link on the Login page. We'll send you an email with a link to reset your password.

Why do we need to track every day?

For the same reason we need to read, write and do arithmetic every day. Physical literacy is equally as important and numerous statistics show the healthy mind/body connection leads to better performance and increased performance.

How long does it take to track?

Students report it takes them 5 minutes to track their daily activities. We want them in, tracking and back, on healthy, habit forming tasks quickly.

When will we receive school reports?

Reports are provided bi-weekly to those the 60MKC permits. In addition the schools and participants will know how they are doing every time they log in, and they will know how their school is doing compared to schools in their district, region, province and country.

Can I find out how my school is doing?

Students & parents will have the school tracker online and individual student reports on a daily, weekly and monthly breakdown. Principals, Vice Principals, Superintendents, School District Supervisors, Ministers of Health and Education can be permitted to receive reports provided personal information policies are kept private.

Why do more than one Challenge?

To entrench healthy habits in our youth the same way we repeat reading, writing and arithmetic. Participating in more than one challenge offers the opportunity to increase your school's participation and point totals which increases the incentive to participate. Only schools who participate in all three challenges are eligible for the Grand Prize!

Do the kids need an email address?

Kids do not need their own email addresses as they can use their parents' email addresses to log in. Once they have entered it (with their parents) the first time, they can 'remember me' so they don't have to worry about forgetting their password & username.

Can we do one Challenge each year?

You can only do one of the spring, winter or fall challenges per year however it will be you that explains to the students & families why they are not eligible for the grand prize.

Can we do the 60MKC program at the same time as our Run Club or any other activity-based school group?

The 60MKC is an online tracking and reporting platform to support curriculum, DPA, and any/all physical literacy activities/programs already in place, like the Run Club! If it cannot be tracked, it cannot be quantified.

How many times per week do they need to log in?

Ideally participants should log in every day for the duration of the 30 day challenge. This will help ensure healthy lifestyle habits are entrenched at an early age and our kids will not have to go through some of the negative experiences associated with a lack of physical literacy. We highly recommend a MINIMUM of 3 times per week! Remember, the program allows participants to go back four days maximum.

What if the student says it's too much?

We recommend the same response when they say reading, math or writing are too much. Repetition & consistency lead to habits and success. Each participant is to work on their own personal goals and work towards the recommendations.

How do the points work?

Final scores are weighted on a percentage of participation (high multiple) + total points (lower multiple). The students sign up under their school and begin tracking. Each time they submit their daily scores, that data aggregates under their school and that school accumulates points. At the end of the challenge, the school with the most points is the 60MKC's most active school. At the end of each challenge, we recognize the most active schools in each province and at the end of the year, the school with the most points across the fall, winter & spring challenge is eligible for the grand prize.

Is there a prize at the end?

Yes, after each challenge, the top 10 students at each school receive a prize for being the most active and healthy students. The winning school in each challenge will receive a 60MKC banner for their school. Schools that participate in all three challenges in a school year are eligible for the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize will be announced at the end of the Spring Challenge (last challenge of the school year) and it will be based on the region the champion school is located in.

Is there a cost?

No, the 60MKC is offered free of charge for all schools and participants, thanks to sponsorships. All prizing is provided for free as well.

What happens if I forget to enter my data, or go on vacation?

The system allows for a maximum of four days previous recording after which there is no retroactive tracking. We still encourage participants to keep logs & journals over extended vacations/absences to keep themselves on track!

60MKC key facts

Kids swimming.
  • We're FREE
  • Light/no extra work for teachers
  • Accessible to every level of skill
  • Aligned with evidence based projects
  • Completely open to collaboration
  • A registered Canadian charity
  • Scalable and sustainable
  • Flexible province by province
  • And we're FUN
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What kids are saying about 60MKC

“ I really like the competition. My favourite thing about the is the helpful thoughts. The helpful thoughts are making me give myself more encouraging thoughts. It's the same thing with the water. I used to drink juice at breakfest but now I drink water. I am so happy you thought that galiano comunity school was doing great. ”


“ I have joined your program and must i say i have never felt more healthy. Alot of my friends say that it is silly to join but i think it is a good way for kids to be more active. Im hoping to win but even if i loose it was a great way to become more active! ”


“ I have gotten more fit, and have more endurance during soccer, baseball, and horseback riding. I love exercise, and even after this program is finished, i will continue to exercise and eat healthy. I think this program will help me a lot! Thank you! ”

Grade 6