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Executive Director & Founders

Matt Young
60 Minute Kids' Club
Daryl Devonish
60 Minute Kids' Club
Curtis Christpherson
60 Minute Kids' Club


2080 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, BC Canada
V6J 2B3

Western Contact

Elisa Maruzzo Western Canada Manager
60 Minute Kids' Club

Eastern Contact

Chris Tremblay Eastern Canada Manager
60 Minute Kids' Club

60MKC key facts

Kids swimming.
  • We're FREE
  • Light/no extra work for teachers
  • Accessible to every level of skill
  • Aligned with evidence based projects
  • Completely open to collaboration
  • A registered Canadian charity
  • Scalable and sustainable
  • Flexible province by province
  • And we're FUN
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What kids are saying about 60MKC

“ I really like the competition. My favourite thing about the is the helpful thoughts. The helpful thoughts are making me give myself more encouraging thoughts. It's the same thing with the water. I used to drink juice at breakfest but now I drink water. I am so happy you thought that galiano comunity school was doing great. ”


“ I have joined your program and must i say i have never felt more healthy. Alot of my friends say that it is silly to join but i think it is a good way for kids to be more active. Im hoping to win but even if i loose it was a great way to become more active! ”


“ I have gotten more fit, and have more endurance during soccer, baseball, and horseback riding. I love exercise, and even after this program is finished, i will continue to exercise and eat healthy. I think this program will help me a lot! Thank you! ”

Grade 6