60MKC History

The 60MKC was designed through the challenge of two elementary school teachers who requested an activation program that was not extra work for the teachers and had sustainability.

We took the challenge and researched best online and offline practices through UBC in 08/09. The clearest feedback included the following:

  • No more education and information campaigns - we want activation
  • No more year long programs that lose their luster in 3 weeks
  • No cost to the schools, teachers or students

In the online world 11% participation is deemed excellent. In Nova Scotia, where there was no local 60MKC team member, we achieved 45% participation. While the rate in Ontario was 65% and 85% in BCcd. A good sample of low / high socioeconomic school settings were represented.

The goal is to have the 60MKC in every elementary school across Canada.


We piloted the 60MKC in 5 schools (5000 kids) in NS, Ontario and BC to see if what we had created was in fact - exciting. We were pleasantly surprised by both the feedback and results.


We wanted to increase the test base and decrease the geography, so we focused on BC and Ontario. We doubled in BC (despite job action) and more than quadrupled Ontario participation. Combined participation was 70%.


School enrollment has so far reached 70 schools in BC and 25 in Ontario (despite job action), and we have re-engaged Nova Scotia and launched in Alberta. We aim to have 100 BC schools, 50 Alberta schools and 25 Ontario schools enrolled in the last challenge of the school year.

The 60 Minute Kids' Club is a free program that supports students and elementary schools, Physical Literacy and Health Strategies! The 60MKC suite consist of two tools! These tools support delivering and tracking healthy behaviours, and fundamental movement skills, to students 5-12 years old. By taking a multi-pronged approach we are addressing childhood Inactivity and Obesity in a manner like never before. Through our socially innovative model, we work with governmental, non profit organisations, and private businesses to ensure the program is widely distributed at no cost to its participants.

We have partnered with a huge variety of national and provincial sports organisations, including: Gymnastics Canada, Athletics Canada, the Canadian Sport Hall of Fame, and even have ties to the pan Am Games.

To date, we’ve been in over 400 schools across the country, reaching over 78,000 children with an end goal to be in every single elementary school and accompanying household by 2025.

We’ve been helping kids learn healthy habits for over five years now, and are the only fitness program in North America that can baseline, measure and report on a child’s physical literacy competence.

Why The 60MKC Works

Since 2009, the 60 Minute Kids Club has been assisting school communities to best serve the needs of teachers, families, and most importantly the kids. Over this time and with feedback, the 60MKC has continued to evolve to support and promote physical literacy and healthy initiatives. 60MKC supports Health and Physical Literacy Plans by doing the following:

  • Activate healthy behaviours with the 30 day challenge via online trackers! Foster more attentive learners in class!
  • Teach, assess and report student’s progress across their Fundamental Movement Skills. *Ideal for non- specialists teaching PE class!
  • Capture data and progress! Baseline, measure, track and report all in one place!

We call on you to develop, measure and promote physical literacy in your circles of influence. Your children. Your nieces and nephews. Your grandchildren. Your friends’ children. Your schools. Your communities.

Join our Movement for Movement. Let's. Get. Moving!

The 60 Minute Kids' Club achieves this in two ways:

  1. Our Healthy Habit Tracker
  2. Our Fundamental Movement Skills Assessment Tool

60MKC key facts

Kids swimming.
  • We're FREE
  • Light/no extra work for teachers
  • Accessible to every level of skill
  • Aligned with evidence based projects
  • Completely open to collaboration
  • A registered Canadian charity
  • Scalable and sustainable
  • Flexible province by province
  • And we're FUN
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What kids are saying about 60MKC

“ I really like the competition. My favourite thing about the is the helpful thoughts. The helpful thoughts are making me give myself more encouraging thoughts. It's the same thing with the water. I used to drink juice at breakfest but now I drink water. I am so happy you thought that galiano comunity school was doing great. ”


“ I have joined your program and must i say i have never felt more healthy. Alot of my friends say that it is silly to join but i think it is a good way for kids to be more active. Im hoping to win but even if i loose it was a great way to become more active! ”


“ I have gotten more fit, and have more endurance during soccer, baseball, and horseback riding. I love exercise, and even after this program is finished, i will continue to exercise and eat healthy. I think this program will help me a lot! Thank you! ”

Grade 6