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FMS Assessment Tool

The 60MKC FMS Assessment tool compliments tools like the Passport for Life [PHE] and the Playtools [CS4L]. Built for the generalist teacher instructing PE and Health Classes from kindergarten to grade 8, our suite of FMS tools and resources are easy to use to Assess, Show, Teach and Activate kids' fundamental movement skills.

Use of the video-based Assessment Tool and Active For Life Lesson Plans – like all our tools – are free, open and requires no sign-in. Signing up for a FMS account however, allows you to create tracking and reporting profiles for each of the kids you're assessing, keeping an ongoing record of their skills development.

The FMS Assessment tool provides an 'official value' and an 'unofficial value' score. The official value is scored by qualified professionals in the assessment of FMS - teachers, coaches, program coordinators. The unofficial value score is for self-evaluation and/or peer-evaluation assessments - kids, parents, caregivers.

Healthy Habits Tracker

Activate healthy behaviours with the 30 day challenge via the Healthy Habits Trackers! Participate in one or all three 60MKC school challenges. Challenges are held throughout the year skipping over busy times at school and holidays.

FALL [October 15th – November 15th]

WINTER [February 1st – March 1st]

SPRING [May 1st – June 1st]

The 60 Minute Kids’ Club Healthy Habits Tracker Challenge is a blend of high tech & high touch practices that have proven successful in past initiatives. The format is as follows:

Touch: A school assembly for the students provides a fun and educational format to bring awareness and responsibility on what healthy habits are and how they can incorporate them into their daily life. The website has a 60MKC pledge form they can print at home, and put on the fridge to remind them of the 30 day healthy challenge their school is participating in.

Tech: The online tracking provides feedback to the students, their parents and their teachers on how they are doing during the challenge. The healthy behaviours and goals may include:



Screen Time



Mental Health


Kick Off Assemblies

The challenge kick off assemblies begin 2 weeks in advance of the start dates with the 60MKC launch video to share the what/why/how of the program while getting kids excited.

60Mkc Champions

The School Champions will lead and launch the program with all the tools provided to you from the 60MKC team. Schools may also have 60MKC Community Champions assist throughout the challenge. Community Champions can be members of the 60MKC, Olympians, varsity and amateur athletes, PAC members, government officials, etc. We have a vetting process and once cleared, Community Champions are provided the A-Z on how to help schools execute the 60MKC program.

Prepared Communications

Information is then sent home to the parents by way of prepared communications from the schools' encouraging them to assist their kids in signing up under their school. Much like the recycling program, the 60MKC is designed to effect positive change IN THE HOME: parent/child vs. teacher/student.

Stats Tracking

We send % participation and total score reports to school administrators and whomever we determine wants to see the results through the 60 day challenge. This provides accountability to the administrators.

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60MKC key facts

Kids swimming.
  • We're FREE
  • Light/no extra work for teachers
  • Accessible to every level of skill
  • Aligned with evidence based projects
  • Completely open to collaboration
  • A registered Canadian charity
  • Scalable and sustainable
  • Flexible province by province
  • And we're FUN
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What teachers are saying about 60mkc

“ By activating this program, elementary schools have an opportunity to engage its students by encouraging them to set and commit to goals, which will in turn boost their self-esteem and leadership skills.”

David J. Sanderson, Professor,
School of Kinesiology, University of British Columbia

“ The Health and Physical Education Department of the Toronto District School Board looks forward to continuing to work with the 60 Minute Kids’ Club in an effort to promote health and fitness in all of our schools.”

George Kourtis, Health and Physical Education Program Coordinator,
Toronto District School Board

“ The 60 Minutes Kids’ Club has the potential to be a viable and sustainable option to help support teachers in elementary schools meet the Province’s Daily Physical Activity requirements and help entrench healthy habits with our children for better long term health and wellness.”

Glenn Young, Physical Education and Athletics Coordinator,
Surrey School District