60 Minute Kids' Club Pledge

I pledge to take the first step to increase my daily physical activity requirements and live by the 5-2-1-0 guidelines:

Beginning right now, I will do my part to help improve the overall health of Canadian kids by pledging to be a part of the 60 Minute Kids' Club.

I commit to:

Start living 5-2-1-0 each day over the next 60 days. I will encourage my friends and family to join me and spend more time being physically active and healthy. I pledge to make a difference.

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Active for Life

Take the first step to becoming active for life and take the pledge. Do you have what it takes to be a 60 Minute Kid? That is right, YOU DO! All kids in Canada can learn fundamental movement skills to help them play and have fun with their friends, family and in any activity they choose to do!

Do you like to feel strong and fast when you are playing games with your friends? Do you like to feel like you have lots of energy each day? Do you like to feel excited about the next time you can play a game with your friends or on a team?

All you have to do is commit to living the 5-2-1-0 guidelines in the next 30 Healthy Habit Challenge! How you ask?

Well you can ask your teacher and parents to assess your favourite fundamental movement skill! Practice these skills and we know you will FEEL GREAT!

We'll help you with challenges and tools to keep track of your progress and keep you motivated.

Don't forget to print out the 60 Minute Kids' Club Pledge, sign it and place it somewhere (in your room or on the fridge in the kitchen) to keep you inspired about your commitment and goals.

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Kids Inspiring Kids TV

Be a role model for your peers! Kids Inspiring Kids TV showcases videos that kids just like you have created to show others how easy it is to increase their physical activity and achieve their goals.

KIK TV is where kids can share their success stories and motivate and encourage other kids (and moms and dads, too) who are also participating in the program.

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What kids are saying about 60MKC

“ I really like the competition. My favourite thing about the is the helpful thoughts. The helpful thoughts are making me give myself more encouraging thoughts. It's the same thing with the water. I used to drink juice at breakfest but now I drink water. I am so happy you thought that galiano comunity school was doing great. ”


“ I have joined your program and must i say i have never felt more healthy. Alot of my friends say that it is silly to join but i think it is a good way for kids to be more active. Im hoping to win but even if i loose it was a great way to become more active! ”


“ I have gotten more fit, and have more endurance during soccer, baseball, and horseback riding. I love exercise, and even after this program is finished, i will continue to exercise and eat healthy. I think this program will help me a lot! Thank you! ”

Grade 6